Office of Financial Aid

University of Mississippi

Financial Aid Calendar

Apply for admission, scholarships and housing for the upcoming academic year. Complete the general scholarship application for automatic consideration of academic and endowed scholarships. You will want to seek additional scholarships from UM departments during this time as well. There are additional application requirements for highly competitive academic scholarships such as the Carrier, Newman, Honors College, Croft, Engineering and Business scholarships. Please contact those departments for additional scholarship information.
January 1 This is the first date you can submit free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at The FAFSA will allow you to participate in all federal funding programs for which you are eligible.

This is also the first date to submit the online state grant application (such as the MTAG/MESG application) with the state of Mississippi.

January 15 Deadline to apply for scholarships to Honors College, Croft Institute, School of Business, Carrier, Newman ,and Lott Institute.

Priority date for the Residential College application.

March 1 Priority date for submission of the FAFSA.
Final Deadline to complete the Entering Freshman Scholarship application and the Luckyday University Scholarship Application for Community College Transfer students.
March 19 Financial Aid Summer School application is available on the Web. All students who desire financial aid of any type for summer school must complete a summer application.
March 31 Deadline for submitting William Winter Teacher applications and Critical Needs Teacher applications.
April 15 Priority deadline for submission of summer applications. This is also income tax day, so don’t forget to file! Remember to keep copies of all returns and W2s in case your FAFSA is selected for verification by the federal processor.
May 1 Make sure that your admissions application is finalized and that all requested documentation has been turned in to all offices. If your application for federal aid is not complete by this date, you may not be awarded before fall invoices are mailed.
June 15 Priority deadline for submission of Parent Loan applications for the preceding academic year.
June 30 Last date to file a FAFSA for the preceding academic year. If you intend to take classes in the summer and have not filed the FAFSA, you may have an earlier date depending upon your summer schedule. Even if you are planning to attend second-term summer school, you still must file by this date.
July 31 First possible billing date for fall charges. Aid will credit to the student account beginning five days before class. The charges on the student account will not accrue interest until the September billing date. If you have been fully awarded and your financial aid package has been completed, you can subtract your fall aid from your bill to determine how much you will need to pay. If you have not been fully awarded or you are expecting additional aid, be sure to stay in touch with the Office of Financial Aid in case requirements are needed.
September 15 Final deadline for MTAG/MESG application with the state of Mississippi. Remember that continuing students must also file a renewal application each year.