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Office of Financial Aid
University of Mississippi

Sumners Grants

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must be a resident of Attala, Carroll, Choctaw, Montgomery, or Webster County in Mississippi who desires and can benefit from a higher education.

  • You must be admitted to the University and have a valid Web sign on for myOleMiss.

  • All applicants must have resided for 12 continuous months in one of the five Sumners counties prior to enrollment.

  • All applicants must be enrolled in a degree program at the institution.  Teacher certification courses may also be approved (except for visiting students) if documented as such by the School of Education.

  • The amount of the Sumners Grant shall not exceed the cost of attendance when combined with all other types of aid received by the student (including institutional and other scholarships/grants, military stipends, veterans benefits, and funds drawn from prepaid tuition programs).

  •  Independent students who have not established a residence in one of the Sumners counties may not establish eligibility by the address of parents who reside in one of the eligible counties.

  • If you withdraw from the University within the 100% institutional refund period  (the first 10 days of classes), any scholarship that has already credited to your bursar account must be repaid in full.


To Apply for the Grant:

You must complete the form online and indicate the academic year for which you are applying.  The Sumners Foundation verifies residency in the appropriate counties for all applicants.


Amount of Grant

Since the amount received by The University of Mississippi from the Sumners Trust may vary each year, as will the number of students enrolled from each of the eligible counties, it is possible that grant amounts may also vary from one year to the next.  The following illustrates our current awarding expectations.  Please note that aid will only be awarded for the summer sessions if a student has remaining eligibility from the previous academic year (defined as August-July).

Award Amounts 2007-2008


$2,000 per semester

$4,000 per academic year

At least half-time

$1,000 per semester

$2,000 per academic year

Less than 1/2 time

$   500 per semester

$1,000 per academic year


Anticipated Award Amounts 2009-2010

Full Time

$2,500 per semester

$5,000 per academic year

3/4 Time

$1,875 per semester

$3,750 per academic year


$1,250 per semester

$2,500 per academic year

Less Than Half-Time

$ 625 per semester

$1,250 per academic year


Course Load Definitions per Semester (in hours)

Full Time

3/4 Time


Less than Half-Time


12 or more



Less than 6


9 or more



Less than 5


10 or more



Less than 5


12 or more



Less than 6


Renewal Requirements:

  • A student must maintain satisfactory academic progress as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Application must be made on an annual basis.
  • All other criteria must be met, including continued residency in a Sumners county.
  • The recipient cannot receive this award for more than one degree at the same level (e.g. one undergraduate degree, one master’s degree).