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Office of Financial Aid
University of Mississippi

Foreign Student Non-Resident Scholarship

I understand that the Foreign Student Non-Resident Scholarship is annually renewable provided I meet the conditions listed below:

  • I am required to meet academic progression and grade requirements. This includes being enrolled in 12 credit hours minimum per academic term (Fall and Spring terms only) and earning a cumulative Ole Miss grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00/4.00 on all coursework attempted at the University.
  • I am required to maintain lawful presence in the USA. International Undergraduate Student Scholarships will not be renewed for students who are not in compliance with the regulations which govern their legal status in the USA.
  • I understand that the Foreign Student Non-Resident Scholarship may be renewed for three (3) successive academic years (i.e. Year 2, 3 and 4) after the year the scholarship was first awarded (i.e. Year 1), or up to the awarding of a first bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first. The end of the Spring term of Year 1 marks the end of the first Scholarship Year regardless of whether the scholarship start date was Fall or Spring. I understand that exceptions may apply for international students who enrolled and were awarded the Foreign Student Non-Resident Scholarship prior to Fall 2011 and that Foreign Student Non-Resident Scholarships are not awarded beyond 8 terms of enrollment at the University. (This scholarship is not available to pay summer terms or mini-terms.)
  • In the event I withdraw from the University within the full refund period of a given term, I understand that I will be required to reimburse the University for any scholarship funds already credited to my bursar account for that term.
  • Enrollment in Independent Study (correspondence) courses will not count in the full-time enrollment calculation.
  • If you withdraw from the university and attend another college, you will forfeit your scholarship unless prior arrangements have been made with the University of Mississippi Office of Financial Aid.
  • This scholarship in combination with all other financial aid and resources may not exceed the student’s estimated cost of attendance. If it exceeds this cost, it will be subject to reduction.
  • The Foreign Student Non-Resident Scholarship will be credited to the “student bursar account.” If a Fall/Spring award, it will be disbursed in two equal installments, respectively at the start of the academic term, and after the student has registered for academic, credit-bearing courses for that term..
  • The Foreign Student Non-Resident Scholarship will be credited only towards the nonresident fee. You may combine this award with another non-resident fee scholarship only if the total does not exceed the amount of the actual charge itself. The student cannot receive the difference in a refund.

I certify that I understand the conditions set forth above and that my failure to meet the conditions may result in the permanent cancellation of the Foreign Student Non-Resident Scholarship.