Office of Financial Aid

University of Mississippi

Study Abroad and Consortium Study

The University of Mississippi offers many opportunities for students to participate in programs off campus. These include study abroad as well as special workshops, camps and other experiences not offered on our schedule. Some of these programs are administered directly by the University of Mississippi and earn University of Mississippi credits. Others are administered by a “host” institution and credits earned in the programs appear on a student’s transcript as transfer hours. These latter programs require a Consortium Contract between the University of Mississippi and the “host” institution. The difference in program administration affects how we process financial aid for various programs.

A student may use federal student financial aid to help defray the expenses of off-campus programs, but should follow the steps on this checklist. Please remember that summer terms are the last terms in the academic year. This means that financial aid for summer will be packaged according to students’ remaining eligibility for the current academic year.

First, students should determine whether the program will earn University of Mississippi credits or whether credits earned will be transfer credits. Contact the Study Abroad Office for this information. Things to keep in mind when choosing a University of Mississippi program or another institution’s program are:

  • Students participating in programs that require a consortium agreement are not eligible for State Aid (ie. MTAG, MESG, William Winter, etc.) nor are they eligible for Institutional or Foundation Scholarships (ie. Academic Excellence, Lucky Day, non-resident alumni, etc.)
  • The only types of aid eligibility with a consortium agreement are: Pell grant, Direct loans, PLUS loans or private (alternative) loans.

All Students:

The student must have his/her Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) filed and completed by April 1 for all programs.

Complete the Summer Application on the Financial Aid homepage for summer programs. Indicate on the application that you will be attending a study abroad program. Please specify the program name and country where you will be participating.

In order to receive most forms of Federal student aid for any term, students must enroll at least half-time. Half-time enrollment is 5 hours for graduate or law students or 6 hours for undergraduate or pharmacy students.

Students must be able to cover advance expenses (air fare, deposits, etc.) on their own. Loan funds will not be available to pay charges that are due in advance of the program.

The best method for delivery of funds is to request that aid balances be direct deposited to your checking account. If you wish to exercise this option, please retrieve the Direct Deposit form and submit to the Bursar’s office for execution. Do not write checks against anticipated deposits until you are certain that the funds have reached your checking account.

Keep in mind that if you owe the Bursar any money, that amount will be paid out of your funds and you will receive only the difference between your current disbursement and your accounts receivable balance.

For Programs Offered Through Other Institutions

In addition to the steps described above, students whose programs are administered by another institution must complete a Consortium Contract with the host institution. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to initiate this agreement at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the program.

Allow sufficient time for you and the Office of Financial Aid to complete the following steps:

  • Student must provide the Office of Financial Aid a brochure, printed material or web site containing the details of the program in which you wish to participate.
  • Student must submit a completed Transfer Credit Course Approval Form to the Study Abroad Office for “out of country” programs or a Permission to Transfer Form for “American universities” to your department or dean confirming that the credits earned in the program will transfer back and be counted toward your degree requirements.
  • Complete Direct Deposit Form with the Office of the Bursar.
  • Student must plan to be billed by the other institution and not the University of Mississippi. The University of Mississippi will send financial aid proceeds to you and you must arrange to handle your bill directly with the other institution.
  • Student must contact the Office of Financial Aid in writing upon withdrawal from any Study Abroad program. Aid already disbursed must be repaid. Pending aid will be withdrawn from the student’s award package.

The Office of Financial Aid will take responsibility for calculating awards, disbursing aid, monitoring satisfactory progress and other student eligibility requirements, keeping records, disbursing FSA funds and returning funds if the student withdraws from the program.