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Office of Financial Aid
University of Mississippi

Financial Aid for Prospective Students

Anyone starting their higher education journey arrives with a goal. Standing on several accomplishments already, you may strive to earn a credential that launches you into the workforce after graduation, ready to make an impact, or you’re here to fully realize your artistic, literary, or journalistic aspirations and flourish in a supportive, collaborative environment. You may be someone who views your higher education experience as a chance to elevate and enrich your knowledge through a wide expanse of courses at your fingertips, or you could be returning, as a graduate student, to advance your already-engaging career with a specialized degree.

Whatever your dreams, one factor proves to be an obstacle for many—how you’ll pay for everything, from tuition to books to the cost of living. Suddenly, you’re approaching what feels like a logical next step toward your future with some apprehension.

As the state’s flagship institution, the University of Mississippi aims to nurture your success by offering a high-quality education across a range of programs tailored to your aspirations at an affordable cost. With more jobs listing a bachelor’s degree among their requirements, everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their educational goals, and we’re here to guide your journey through possible financial barriers.

Ole Miss’s Office of Financial Aid assesses each application received to put together a tailored package of scholarships, loans, grants, and work-study, factoring in merit and financial need. As you review all requirements and gather application materials, here’s what you should keep in mind concerning financial aid.

Financial Aid Resources for Prospective Students


We want to nourish your enthusiastic spirit here, in and outside of the classroom, and value all that you bring. For these reasons, Ole Miss awards scholarships to freshman students based on their academic achievements, individual talents, and demonstrated ability to lead and empower others.

In fostering opportunity for all prospective students, the Office of Financial Aid considers all admitted freshmen for scholarship programs. However, competitive scholarships, as well as academic and enrichment programs, require you to fill out and submit a separate application for consideration. Learn more about scholarships and other financial aid opportunities for incoming freshmen.

Additionally, when appropriate, we factor in your financial need when determining scholarship and financial aid awards. For Mississippi and out-of-state residents, our Red & Blue Scholarship is individually calculated to help meet a set percentage of your financial need as a first-time, full-time freshman after all other awards are considered. As long as your eligibility is maintained, this scholarship can be renewed for up to three more academic years. Learn more about the Red & Blue Scholarship.

For Mississippi Freshmen who have significant need, we also offer the Ole Miss Opportunity (OMO) scholarship – one of the best “guarantee” benefits in the country to help with the costs of tuition, housing, and meals. Learn more about OMO.

Transfer Students

Ole Miss wants you as a prospective transfer student to not only find your place here but thrive in an engaging, energetic environment, one where you’ll feel inspired in the classroom and continue to grow your accomplishments through on-campus activities and experiential learning opportunities.

Each transfer student arrives at Ole Miss with their own unique experience. Perhaps you started at a four-year school, but the campus culture wasn’t a strong fit or you decided to change your course of study. Maybe you began at a community or junior college and, after completing an associate degree, have made the decision to continue onto earning a bachelor’s.

While financial aid for transfer students mirrors the process for prospective freshmen, you have a few additional points to keep in mind:

  • To be considered for federal aid or any need-based awards, be sure to submit a FAFSA form with the UM school code of 002440, so we can receive a copy.
  • If you’re transferring here from another Mississippi state school, you’ll need to update the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid, so all funds can be directed appropriately.
  • Most transfer scholarships are for students who have earned at least 48 transferable credit hours, but academic departments may be able to offer you scholarships, as well.
  • You will need to complete the Transfer Scholarship Application OR the Regional Campus Scholarship Application.
  • Understand that financial aid awards don’t transfer from one institution to another, and your need will be reevaluated upon your acceptance to the University of Mississippi.

Learn more about financial aid for transfer students, including transfer-specific scholarship programs.

Graduate Students

You’re returning to school with a purpose, driven to build upon your background to change careers, acquire a new credential, or continue your education arc for a seat in academia. However you have plotted out this stage in your journey, Ole Miss welcomes graduate students to our institution with a series of challenging on-campus and online programs and several financial aid awards, including scholarships, fellowships, grants, loans, and assistantships through the Graduate School or your department of study. Explore all avenues for financing your graduate education. (Students entering the School of Law or the School of Pharmacy should reference their separate admissions and scholarship web pages.)

International Students

You’re seeking a dynamic, influential educational opportunity that will not only result in a degree but prepare you for a career at the global level. Each year, Ole Miss welcomes international students from across the globe looking to enrich their skill sets, be exposed to American culture, and add a degree to their list of accomplishments. To help you succeed here, we offer merit-based scholarships and assistantships with partial or full tuition support to admitted international students. Explore all options if you’re thinking about studying at Ole Miss and begin the aid process with the Office of International Programs directly.

Veterans and Military Service Members

For years, the University of Mississippi has embraced military personnel and veterans striving to earn a bachelor’s or graduate degree. Through our efforts, programs, and guidance, we’re now known as one of the top military-friendly colleges in the United States.

Beyond presenting a wide variety of educational opportunities and encouraging you through this stage of your journey, we’re a Purple Heart Campus and provide all military and veteran students with comprehensive resources—including non-resident fee scholarships—designed to shepherd your success. Review our Military & Veterans Services, including information about scholarships and transferring non-traditional credits toward a degree.

Lifelong Learners

For some individuals, the passion to learn increases with age. You seek out all sorts of enriching experiences, and acknowledging your mission and drive, the University of Mississippi opens certain classes to individuals age 65 and older. Learn more about applying to take a class at our institution and the financial aid options available to adult learners.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance

As you evaluate your options, Ole Miss presents multiple resources for determining your cost of attendance, be it as an undergraduate or graduate student, full- or part-time, or in a specific program. While you may be assessing the tuition, we aim to provide a thorough perspective with both direct and indirect costs factored in, including housing, meal plans, additional fees, books and supplies, and travel expenses. Review the cost of attendance by academic year.

If you’re an incoming freshman, you can use our Net Price Calculator for an estimation of your costs with aid. It provides a snapshot of what you should expect to pay.

Types of Financial Aid

In putting together financial aid packages for all students, Ole Miss provides the following types of awards:

  • Scholarships based on academic merit, performance, or leadership, with potential for stackable awards;
  • Grants, including Federal and Mississippi state grants;
  • Loans, including Federal, private and institutional student loans, as well as loan options for parents; and
  • Federal Work-Study.

Learn more about the types of financial aid awards we offer and their eligibility requirements.

Applying for Financial Aid

Financial aid shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. Instead, all students are recommended to complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) form in conjunction with their application to attend the University of Mississippi. Submitting the FAFSA is essential to be considered for any need-based financial aid awards.

In applying to the University of Mississippi:

  • Educate yourself on the financial aid process at, managed by the US Department of Education;
  • If you are a high school student, estimate your financial aid eligibility with the Aid Estimator tool;
  • Review our financial aid timeline, which includes all deadlines for submitting documentation and scholarship applications;
  • Fill out and submit a FAFSA no later than March 1 for priority consideration; you’ll need to have the following pieces of documentation available:
    • your driver’s license and Social Security numbers;
    • a copy of your (and your parents’, and/or spouse’s, IRS tax return transcript if applicable), or use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer income information into your FAFSA;
    • your (and your parents’, and/or spouse’s, if applicable) W-2 forms and other records of money earned;
    • records of untaxed income such as clergy allowances and child support;
    • current bank statements;
    • business and farm records;
    • stock, bond, and other investment records; and
    • your alien registration card (if you are not a US citizen);
  • After the FAFSA is submitted, you may be selected for verification, which requires additional documentation and may take two to three weeks;
  • Fill out and submit any additional applications for Ole Miss’s competitive scholarships; and
  • Once you receive your award notification in the mail, log into your online award notification in myOleMiss to accept your aid and review any pending actions needed on your part. For some awards, you are able to reduce or decline them (i.e. loans if you do not wish to borrow them). Please note that you must accept the terms and conditions of aid packages before the Office of Financial Aid disburses any aid.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid

As a prospective student, do you have any questions about financial aid at the University of Mississippi? If so, reach out to the Office of Financial Aid today by phone at 800-891-4596 or by sending an email to