Office of Financial Aid

University of Mississippi

“Until you are enrolled for enough hours, this award will not credit.”

If this message is listed on your Award Notification in myOleMiss, one or more of the following will apply to you. These situations will prevent automatic disbursement. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions.

You course(s) may be:

Not Enough Credit Hours to Meet the Award Requirements – You may be receiving this message because you have not yet enrolled for any courses. (New undergraduates, for example, do not typically sign up for classes until they attend an Orientation session.) Or it could be that you just don’t have enough hours. Financial aid is usually provided for full-time students, although some aid programs do allow part-time students to receive funding. If you are not registered for enough hours, you will have to add more classes to qualify for your current awards. Otherwise, please indicate on your “Financial Aid Award Notification” in myOleMiss that you really will be taking fewer hours than what was expected. Since your aid package was based on your anticipated enrollment level, this could mean that awards are reduced or cancelled. Please note the enrollment level definitions below.

Program Type Full 3/4 1/2 <1/2
Undergraduate, Pharmacy (EE1-3, Pre-Pharm, PY1-4) 12 9 6 3
Graduate, MBA, PMBA, Online Grad 9 7 5 3
Law, LLM – Space Law 10 8 5 3

Waitlisted – This is a tentative class status, and you are not considered to be officially registered. Once the term starts, you may want to consult with your instructor to determine whether you stand a chance of getting in. Or consider signing up for a different class. Otherwise, if the loss of the class results in a change in your enrollment status (e.g. from full-time to part-time), then your aid package may have to be adjusted.

Audit – If you are taking a class for “no grade”, which means that you will earn no credit hours for it, then it cannot count towards your enrollment for financial aid purposes.

Independent Study – These correspondence courses, offered through the Office of Independent Study, do not always follow the timeframe of a traditional semester. They may or may not be eligible for financial aid. Please visit

Coded as “Free of Charge” – This status is set administratively. It is typically used when outside organizations have a contract with UM to pay for a class for their employees. If you are not responsible for paying any tuition for your course(s), your calculated “Cost of Attendance” is reduced – which may impact your eligibility for other aid. Any possible awards must be determined and processed manually.

Courses that are Mismatched to Your Degree Program – If you are taking a graduate/professional class but pursuing an undergraduate degree, we would treat the class as irrelevant to your academic program and therefore ineligible for aid. The same is true for graduate/professional students taking undergraduate courses ((100 to 400 level) – unless those undergraduate classes are specifically listed as required prerequisites for your academic program (published in the catalog for all students in that major).  We cannot consider case-by-case exceptions, so letters from instructors will not be able to establish eligibility.


The additional reasons below are related ONLY to Federal Title IV aid (Pell Grant, Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant, SEOG, TEACH, Work-Study, Direct Loans, Perkins Loan, and PLUS loans).

 Attendance Has Not Been Verified – Per federal regulations, you establish eligibility for aid only if you actually SHOW UP for your classes. Your presence in a class will be documented by the instructor by taking roll or by use of attendance ID scanners. This will be done at one of the class meetings within the first two weeks of class for a regular Fall/Spring semester (shorter time frames apply for mini-terms like Winter Intersession and summer). Please visit This policy also applies to online classes, thesis/dissertation hours, labs, Study Abroad, and internships – although the methods of “attendance collection” are modified.

 Enrollment Was Not Confirmed in All Classes By the Mandatory Drop Date (MDD) – Financial Aid will “lock in” enrollment for each term based ONLY on those classes in which the student is still actively registered AND attendance has been verified.   This will occur on the MDD. Please visit to confirm the MDD for each term. Disbursement of Title IV aid for that term will be based only on these “locked in” credit hours, and any previously disbursed aid may have to be adjusted to them.

 Consortium Contract – If you have a written agreement to take classes at another college, and the University of Mississippi has approved these credit hours, then your financial aid must be handled manually. Please visit for additional information.

 Repeated Coursework – You cannot receive federal student aid for repeating a passed course (receiving a “D” grade or higher) more than ONE time, regardless if credit is provided again by the institution – and regardless if the academic major requires you to retake the class to obtain a better grade.

Remedial Coursework – Only up to 30 semester hours of remedial classes can be counted in your enrollment. Remedial courses are identified by the prefix “DS” – Development Studies.

Coursework Not Counting Towards Your Degree – Only classes that are necessary for your major, OR are allowable electives, can be used towards your enrollment level for federal aid purposes.