Office of Financial Aid

University of Mississippi

Confirmation of Pre-Paid Tuition

As an out-of-state student who is the beneficiary of the MPACT (Mississippi Prepaid tuition) plan, our office had determined that you meet the requirements to receive a scholarship that covers the full non-resident fee each term.

Students can only receive the non-resident scholarship if the Bursar’s Office is billing MPACT for your tuition.  Therefore, your award is listed as “estimated” on your financial aid package until this is confirmed.  Once we receive confirmation that the student is accessing the MPACT plan for the term, the Office of Financial Aid will remove the estimated award and add the actual award to the students package for disbursement.

Please note: students are only eligible for the scholarship as long as they have MPACT hours.  Once they have exhausted all hours, the student no longer qualifies for the MPACT non-resident scholarship.

Students can track their hours by logging into the State Treasury site at: