Office of Financial Aid

University of Mississippi

Aid is on hold pending outcome of fall probation.

You were placed on Financial Aid Probation for the fall term. This probationary state allows you to receive federal aid even though you do not meet the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy (click here for details). In order to receive aid for the spring semester, you must meet the probationary terms that were granted OR your overall academic standing must rise to a level that meets our policy.


Within a week of fall grades posting, the Office of Financial Aid will review grades for all students who are on Financial Aid Probation. This review will determine whether you

1) continue on Financial Aid Probation,

2) return to Financial Aid Suspension, or

3) return to Good Standing based on meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.


The current message displayed for your spring federal aid that states “Aid is on hold pending outcome of fall probation” will disappear if you remain on Financial Aid Probation or move to Good Standing for the spring. If you did not meet the terms of your fall probation or you did not achieve Good Standing, the message will change to “You are on Financial Aid Suspension” and your spring aid will be cancelled. You will be notified by email of the outcome of our review.