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Office of Financial Aid
University of Mississippi

Financial Aid Appeals

All students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to retain Title IV aid eligibility as directed by the U.S. Department of Education. Maintaining SAP applies to both undergraduate and graduate/professional students. SAP is monitored at the end of each spring term (or for students with probationary terms, at the end of each applicable term. For complete information about SAP, access the policy on satisfactory academic progress.

Students who have been awarded scholarships must meet their terms and conditions to maintain eligibility. Eligibility requirements are reviewed at the end of each spring term (of for student with probationary terms, at the end of each applicable term).

Students who have lost their eligibility for certain types of financial aid (including scholarships) have the option to submit an appeal to have their aid reinstated. The SAP Appeal is different from a Scholarship Appeal and an Academic Standing Appeal. If a student has been academically dismissed, or placed on academic suspension, and wishes to appeal either of those statuses, the student should contact the Office of the Registrar for instructions. All financial aid appeals will be reviewed by committee. If a student receives the email stating they have lost their eligibility and must appeal, then an appeal must be submitted and approved regardless of if the student is granted an exclusion or forgiveness for the grade(s) in which caused them to drop below the required resident gpa for financial aid appeals. To appeal the loss of financial aid (Pell Grant, SEOG, Sumners Grant, Work-Study, student loans, and the Ole Miss Opportunity Scholarship), the student is required to first submit a written appeal online:

Submit an Online Appeal The deadline to appeal for summer is June 18, 2024. The deadline to appeal for fall is October 14, 2024.

If a student’s written online appeal for financial aid has been denied, the student may request an In-person Financial Aid Suspension Appeal with the financial aid appeal committee. Please note this only applies for students appealing the loss of their federal financial aid. Students appealing the loss of their scholarships will not have the option to request an in-person appeal.

Summer 2023-2024 In-Person Appeal Form The summer deadline is June 25, 2024.
Fall 2024-2025 In-Person Appeal Form The fall deadline is October 21, 2024.

For in-person appeals, the student must also:

  1. Meet with the academic advisor to discuss academic performance and future academic plans.
  2. Present the advisor with the in-person appeal form (see “To the Academic Advisor” section of the form) and complete the “certification of meeting” section (NOTE: the academic advisor should send a suggested course schedule and student assessment directly to the Office of Financial Aid—see form for current contact information).
  3. Submit the “certification of meeting” portion of the in-person appeal form to the Office of Financial Aid: 257 Martindale-Cole, Student Services Center.

The Office of Financial Aid will contact the student by phone and/or email to set up their in-person appeal with the committee.

Important notes for prospective appellants:

  • Students are afforded only one in-person appeal during their tenure (do not submit the in-person appeal form if an in-person appeal was ever completed in the past).
  • The student must be enrolled at the time of their in-person appeal.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to submit financial aid appeals to the Office of Financial Aid (the OFA is not required to initiate the appeals process).