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Office of Financial Aid
University of Mississippi

Extraordinary Educational Expense

The U. S. Department of Education permits institutions of higher education to increase a student’s Cost of Attendance (COA) due to additional expenses or other related expenses not considered in the standard allowances included in the COA. The Office of Financial Aid will include these expenses for students upon request and according to our Cost of Attendance policy

Any course-related expense(s) must be for a class that counts towards your degree requirements.

Below are examples of acceptable and unacceptable expenses.

Acceptable Expenses:

  • An allowance for the one time direct costs of obtaining a first professional license or certificate for students enrolled in a program that requires such professional licensure or certification. The cost must be incurred during a period of enrollment (e.g. Praxis test fees, bar exam fees, etc.).
  • An allowance for expenses related to a student’s disability (e.g. personal assistance, transportation, equipment/supplies, etc.).
  • An allowance for expenses directly related to educational research that is required for a degree program (the student must provide written verification from the instructor or dean of the academic department that this expense is required for the student’s program of study).

Unacceptable Expenses:

  • An allowance for test/exam prep courses (e.g. bar exam reviews, CPA exam reviews, etc.).
  • An allowance for attending a professional conference, even if you are presenting.
  • An allowance for any component already included in your COA.

Click here for more information about COA from our website.

Download and complete the application for extraordinary Educational Expenses. Attach appropriate documentation along with the completed application form and submit it to The University of Mississippi Office of Financial Aid (address, fax, and email contact information noted on form).

Please select the academic year you would like to include Educational Expenses:


2022-2023 Extraordinary Educational Expenses Worksheet

2023-2024 Extraordinary Educational Expenses Worksheet

(You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these applications.)