Office of Financial Aid

University of Mississippi

Summer Program participants may need to have their packages revised if also enrolled in summer classes.


According to our records, you have been approved to participate in a University of Mississippi summer program that provides experiential learning opportunities (such as traineeships or other hands-on activities).

In addition, we were notified that you have been offered a stipend (or other financial assistance) to help with the cost of participation.

These types of programs do not typically provide college credit. As a result, Financial Aid assumes that you will not be enrolled in courses this summer.

However, if you actually will receive credit for your participation, OR you have opted to take other summer courses, then we must review your summer financial aid package. We must ensure that your stipend has been taken into account before we award any other aid. (For example, it is possible that you have been provided a stipend to pay for living costs like housing and meals while participating in your summer program. But if you are enrolled during the same summer period, then we cannot provide aid that would also cover these same expenses. It would be a duplication of aid, and a compliance problem.)

Once our office has reviewed your package and resolved any issues, this flag will be removed from your record. Then your aid will be able to disburse.

In the meantime, if you have questions about your specific summer situation and what aid you can receive, please contact Financial Aid in person or via email ( or phone (800-891-4596).