Office of Financial Aid

University of Mississippi


Terms and Conditions for the
Academic Excellence
National Merit Semi-Final/Finalist
Non-Mississippi Resident Scholarship


  • This award is intended for first-time college students. To receive the scholarship, you must have attempted no more than 11 hours of college credit following high school graduation, and be entering The University of Mississippi for the first time (excluding Summer programs).
  • This scholarship is payable in equal installments between the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Full-time enrollment of at least 12 hours each semester is required.
  • Independent Study classes (also known as correspondence courses or iStudy) can only be used to count towards the full-time enrollment requirement if they are semester-based – not Flex courses. In addition, the scholarship amount may be reduced if students are enrolled in iStudy classes ONLY that term.
  • Eligibility for future years is conditional upon your maintaining at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale on all course work attempted at The University of Mississippi only. (Transfer grades are not counted).
  • Maximum eligibility is limited to eight consecutive regular semesters (Fall and Spring only). This scholarship will not pay for Wintersession, Summer sessions, or any mini-terms terms.
  • The student must be degree-seeking.
  • Eligibility ceases once a bachelor’s degree is received.
  • Renewal eligibility for subsequent years will be determined at the end of each Spring semester. Warning notices may be issued if the student goes below the 3.0 mark at the end of the Fall semester.
  • If you withdraw from the University within the 100% institutional refund period (the first 10 days of classes), any scholarship that has already credited to your bursar account must be repaid in full.
  • If you withdraw from the University and attend another college, you will forfeit your scholarship unless prior arrangements have been made with The University of Mississippi Office of Financial Aid.
  • This scholarship, in combination with all other financial aid and resources, may not exceed the student’s estimated cost of attendance. If the total exceeds this cost, it will be subject to reduction.
  • Students receiving the Army ROTC National Cadet Command Scholarship are not eligible for this award.
  • Students who lose the award for one (or more) semesters for not meeting these terms and conditions may appeal to get the award back in the future. However, you will forfeit the semester(s) of eligibility for which you did not receive the award.
  • Your housing scholarship will be equivalent to the average cost of a double-occupancy room in a traditional residence hall offered by The University of Mississippi Student Housing Office. (Please note that the Residential Colleges and the contemporary residence halls have higher room rates and the scholarship does not include the difference in cost.) This scholarship will be applied to the student account for one year (Fall and Spring semesters) provided that the student lives on campus and has a housing charge on the bursar account. Once this one year requirement has been fulfilled, the scholarship will become a stipend and can be applied to on- or off-campus housing costs.
  • Your scholarship package includes a non-resident scholarship, which may be combined with other non-resident scholarships only until the full non-resident charge is met. There will be no funds disbursed in excess of the full non-resident charge. Students participating in study abroad programs will not be eligible to receive the non-resident scholarship during their semester abroad, even if the program is offered for University of Mississippi course credit, because Ole Miss does not charge an additional fee for non-residents to study abroad.