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Office of Financial Aid
University of Mississippi

Terms and Conditions for the
Barnard Scholarship

  • You must be an entering freshman to receive this award.
  • This scholarship is payable in equal installments between the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Full-time enrollment of at least 12 hours each semester is required.
  • Independent Study classes (also known as correspondence courses or iStudy) can only be used to count towards the full-time enrollment requirement if they are semester-based – not Flex courses. In addition, the scholarship amount may be reduced if students are enrolled in iStudy classes ONLY that term.
  • Eligibility for future years is conditional upon your maintaining at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (4.0 scale) for your freshman year and a 3.2 cumulative grade point average (4.0 scale) thereafter. This cumulative average is based on all course work attempted at The University of Mississippi.
  • Maximum eligibility is limited to eight consecutive regular semesters (excluding Summers).
  • Eligibility ceases once a bachelor’s degree is obtained or the student begins a Professional/Graduate program.
  • Renewal eligibility for subsequent years will be determined at the end of each Spring semester.
  • If you withdraw from the University within the 100% institutional refund period (the first 10 days of classes), any scholarship that has already credited to your bursar account must be repaid in full.
  • This scholarship in combination with all other financial aid, and other resources may not exceed the student’s estimated cost of attendance.