Office of Financial Aid

University of Mississippi

Terms and Conditions for the
Non-Resident MPACT Scholarship

  • This scholarship is payable in any term for which the student is enrolled, as long as they
    meet all other qualifications.
  • Eligibility for future terms/years is conditional upon confirmation of MPACT hours.
  • Eligibility ceases once MPACT hours are depleted. Students should track their hours by logging into the State Treasury site here:
  • Renewal eligibility for subsequent terms will be determined at the end of each term, based on billable MPACT hours.
  • This scholarship in combination with all other financial aid and resources may not exceed the student’s estimated cost of attendance. If it exceeds this cost, it will be subject to reduction.
  • This scholarship may be combined with other non-resident scholarships only until the full non-resident charge is met. There will be no funds disbursed in excess of the full non-resident charge.
  • Students participating in study abroad programs will not be eligible to receive this scholarship during their semester abroad, even if the program is offered for University of Mississippi credit, because Ole Miss does not charge an additional fee for non-residents to study abroad. If study abroad does charge a non-resident fee, then the scholarship would be available for use.