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Office of Financial Aid
University of Mississippi

Terms and Conditions for the
Osher Reentry Part-Time Scholarship

  • This award is intended for college students pursuing their first undergraduate degree who have had at least a five-year cumulative gap in their education since receiving their HS diploma or GED.
  • This scholarship is payable in equal installments between the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Part-time enrollment of at least 6 hours each semester is required.
  • Enrollment in Independent Study (correspondence) courses will not count in the part-time enrollment calculation.
  • Must not be enrolled exclusively in online courses.
  • Eligibility ceases once a bachelor’s degree is obtained or the student begins a Professional/Graduate program.
  • This scholarship is a fee-specific scholarship to cover the tuition charge. Although it is possible to have more than one fee-specific scholarship targeting the same fee, the combination of credits from these scholarships cannot exceed the amount of that fee. The student cannot receive the difference in a refund.
  • This scholarship in combination with all other financial aid and resources may not exceed the student’s estimated cost of attendance. If it exceeds this cost, the scholarship will be subject to reduction.
  • You must prepare a letter during the first term that you are enrolled thanking the donor for your scholarship. Please deliver or send the letter to: Donna Patton, University of MS Foundation, Post Office Box 249, University, MS 38677. Mrs. Patton will see that this letter is delivered. Failure to comply with this expectation within the first semester of enrollment will result in termination of your scholarship.
  • This scholarship is offered for one year only. If this scholarship is offered again in the future, Osher Reentry Scholars are invited to reapply.