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Special Programs and Scholarship Application

Welcome to the University of Mississippi!  We are pleased you are considering Ole Miss as your choice for higher education.  This application allows you to apply for our competitive freshman scholarships, as well as all of our prestigious programs, all at one time.  In order to apply, you must have already submitted your undergraduate admissions application and paid the appropriate admission application fee.  You will use that application number and your date of birth to log in.

Please note that if you applied to our school using the Common App, we begin receiving those applications mid-August for the following academic year.  Once an Admissions specialist has received the Common App file, they will create your UM Application.  You will then be emailed your UM Application number through the email you used to log in and begin this application.  This process could take several days, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

Scholarship Application Instructions

The home page of your application includes two separate sections: required applications and other available applications.

  • The required applications (shared information and freshman scholarships) must be completed before moving on to any of the other available applications.
  • To check on the status of any application, simply log back into your account.
    • All applications that have been started, but not yet submitted, appear in the “In-Progress” section – and please remember that they will NOT be considered by us until you finalize and submit them.
    • Once an application HAS been submitted, you will find it in the “Completed” section.

Regarding revisions:

  • The Shared Information section and Freshman Scholarships Application can be revised through the final deadline.
  • Any “In-Progress” applications can be revised until they are submitted.
  • Once an application is “Completed” it cannot be revised.

The information you provide on the shared information section is shared among all other applications.  Therefore, it does not have its own “Submit” option and will always remain under the “Required” section.

Only students applying for one of the special programs require students to submit letters of recommendation. If you do not plan to apply for one of these programs, you are not required to list the three recommenders.

Priority Deadline: The scholarship application has a priority deadline of 1/5/2022.

Final Deadline: All applications must be submitted before 2/15/2022. Please do not wait for the last minute to submit, so our staff has time to assist you before the deadline if issues arise.

Awarding: Awarding for these scholarships will begin in March.

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Special Programs Available

The University of Mississippi offers several special programs for students of all interests. Also, students aren’t limited to only one special program, so please feel free to apply to as many as you would like! Below you will find general information about all the programs offered. If you have questions specifically about a certain program, please contact the special programs directly.

The Arabic Flagship is a 5-year program that includes exclusive coursework for 8 semesters, two summers abroad, and a Capstone year in Meknes, Morocco. Graduates complete our program with very high proficiency scores recognized by the federal government, and earn language training specific to their career fields. With both federal and university funding behind them, our summer programming is very affordable and the Capstone year is essentially free. We are one of only 6 Arabic Flagship programs in the country, and we have had a 100% acceptance rate to the Morocco Capstone every year. No prior Arabic experience is required.

The Chinese Language Flagship is a five-year undergraduate program at The University of Mississippi that is designed for highly motivated and diligent students who seek to achieve Superior-level proficiency in Chinese while pursuing degrees in the academic major of their choice.

The Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CME) was founded on the concept that people are the greatest resource of any organization. As such, the fundamental purpose of the program is focused toward developing servant-leaders for the manufacturing industry.

The Croft Institute for International Studies offers the undergraduate major in international studies at the University of Mississippi. Croft is for students who seek to develop a strong global orientation: the major requires study of a foreign language, includes a semester of cultural and linguistic immersion abroad, and prepares students for a wide range of careers in government, law, business, and education.

The Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program (METP) is a collaboration between the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and Mississippi State University (MSU) to attract top-performing students into the education profession with valuable full financial support and invaluable professional incentives. It is designed to create a unique “honors college-style” learning experience for high achieving education students and promote collaboration between students and faculty at both universities.

The Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College attracts a diverse body of high-performing students to the University of Mississippi and prepares citizen scholars who are fired by the life of the mind, committed to the public good and driven to find solutions. Small, discussion-based classes, dedicated faculty and a nurturing staff enable honors students to experience intellectual as well as personal growth.

Health and Physical Education is an undergraduate degree program that attracts students who seek to promote health and well-being by the expansion of and dissemination of knowledge through the development of health related professionals.

Luckyday Scholars are given the opportunity to engage in programming built around the four areas of success: scholarship, community, service, and leadership. Luckyday program staff and student leaders provide support and encouragement to the Scholars throughout the program.

The Lott Leadership Institute prepares high-performing students for positions of leadership in an increasingly complex world. The interdisciplinary curriculum for the major incorporates economics, geography, history, philosophy and political science. While at the Institute, students learn the leadership qualities necessary to formulate and implement public policy, the methodological skills necessary for policy analysis, and the ethics of leadership.

German, Japanese, and Russian Languages studied in the Department of Modern Languages develop in its students high language proficiencies. The Department is committed to undergirding our language programs with sound linguistic and pedagogical principles, as delivered by its programs in Linguistics and TESOL. Equally important in the Department are the study of literature, cinema and culture, fundamentally important programs in all serious language departments. We are proud of our outstanding faculty, strong tradition of scholarship, and dedication to teaching.

Our Department of Music‘s stellar faculty, exceptional one-on-one studio instruction, award-winning ensembles, modest-sized classes, and outstanding facilities are ready for you at Mississippi’s flagship institution. Our students perform in multiple ensembles, work on research projects, engage with the Lafayette-Oxford-University community, and develop close friendships that prepare them for successful careers. Our department is dedicated to each student’s educational journey and individual growth.

The University of Mississippi’s School of Pharmacy Early Entry Program provides highly-qualified high school seniors with guaranteed seats in the professional pharmacy program upon completion of three years of pre-pharmacy coursework, avoiding the competitive selection process for regular entry admission that normally occurs during a pre-pharmacy major’s junior year of college. However, Early Entry students enjoy far more than simply early acceptance in the professional pharmacy program. They receive the benefits of the Early Entry Experience, which is unlike any other on campus, featuring specialized tutoring, professional advancement opportunities and the chance to be part of the Living-Learning Community.


Please check the following tips if you have problems with your application, as these are the most common issues we have seen. If these do not resolve your issues, please send a screenshot of the error you are receiving, along with the type of computer (PC or MAC) you are using, and the web browser you are using to Please use the subject SPSA Error.

  • If trying to submit, but nothing is happening, save the application and exit. Clear the cache, log back into the site and try to submit again.
  • If you are having trouble saving your essay, it may be due to a time out error. We suggest for each student view the essay question while online, then type the answer to the question off line in a word processing document. They can then copy and paste the essay into the application on the next login. Please be sure to stay within the required word count.
  • If you cannot find a “Submit” button on an application, please review all sections on the application for a required checkbox. If the required checkbox is not selected, the “Submit” button will not populate.
  • If your submitter did not get a request to send a letter of recommendation, please ensure you have already submitted a special programs application. The Letters of Recommendation are only used for the Special Programs, so recommenders are not contacted unless one of those applications have been submitted.
  • If the link to the recommender is not working, please have the recommender email to have another link sent.