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Office of Financial Aid
University of Mississippi
Scholarship Name Link
AAUW Sarah Robinson Scholarship
A.C.”Butch” Lambert Scholarship
Academic Common Market (ACM) Scholarship
Academic Excellence (MS Resident) Scholarship
Academic Excellence (Non-Resident) Scholarship
Academic Excellence NM (MS Resident) Scholarship
Academic Excellence NM (Non-Resident) Scholarship
Academic Success (Non-Resident) Scholarship
AICE Cambridge Diploma Scholarship
AlphaPhiApha Scholarship
Amite County Farm Bureau
Anderson Scholarship
Anna Moran Scholarship
Annexstad Family Foundation Leaders for Tomorrow Scholarship
Asbury Foundation Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Asbury Foundation Scholarship
Atkins/Alcorn Alumni Scholarship
Auvergne Williams Scholarship
B and R Wells Scholarship
Baptist Memorial Health Care Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Barbara A. Caperton Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Barksdale Scholarship
Barnard Scholarship
Baton Rouge Alumni Scholarship
Bernard Lapides Scholarship
Berryhill OMF Scholars Award
Bill Thomas Scholarship
Bill & Jean May Mississippi Sun-Sentinel Scholarship
Billy C. Sam Scholarship
Blackwell Scholarship
Block Scholarship
Brick Muller Scholarship
Bolen Scholarship
Bounds OMF Scholars Award
Bowman Ole Miss First Scholars Award
Calhoun County Alumni Scholarship
Carr Scholarship
Catalpa Scholarship
Catherine Baker Memorial Scholarship
Catherine “Kitty” Bryan Dill Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
CC Student Body President Scholarship
C.& M. Hughes Scholarship
C.A. Seely Memorial Scholarship
C.Roberts Scholarship
C.T. & Earline Ramzy Memorial Scholarship
Central Mississippi Ole Miss Club Scholarship
Chancellor’s Scholarship
Charles Barrett Scholarship
Charles Clark Accountancy Scholarship
Charles M. Baker Scholarship
Charles Overby Editor Award
Charles Porter Ole Miss First Scholarship
Charles Sisler Scholarship
Chickawas County Scholarship
Chris Bonds Middle TN Alumni Scholarship
Chucky Mullins Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1960 Scholarship
Class of 2007/Khayat Scholarship
Class of 2008/Reardon Scholarship
Clay & Krista McFerrin Sun-Sentinel Scholarship
Clowers Walters Scholarship
Community College Academic Excellence Scholarship
Community College Achievement Scholarship
Community College Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship
Community College/Junior College Leadership Award
Community/Junior College Memorial Scholarship
Cossar Ole Miss First Scholars Award
Courtney Caldwell Memorial Scholarship
C & Y Edwards OMF Scholarship
C. Wade Scholarship
Creighton Wilson Scholarship
Crosby (LO) Scholarship
Croft Scholarship
Dallas Fort Worth Alumni Club Scholarship
Daniel Clyde Hughes Scholarship
Daryl Blair Scholarship
Dawn Allen Pharmacy Scholarship
Day Scholarship
Delashmet Scholarship
Delta Honors Scholarship
Denise S. Joseph Scholarship
Distinguished Senior Scholarship
District 10 Ole Miss Club Scholarship
District 14 Alumni Scholarship
Donna Ruth Else Roberts Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Doris Raymond Honors Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Walker Scholarship
Dudley R. Moore IV Scholarship
Ed and Dora Noble Law Scholarship
Elizabeth Brevard Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Elizabeth Brevard Scholarship
Ellborne OMF Scholarship
Elma Meek Scholarship
Emerald Coast Scholarship
Emily Pointer Scholarship
E. R. Hines Scholarship Endowment in Accountancy
Estes/Carlson Scholarship
Esther Matison Scholarship
Everett-Williams Hon Scholarship
Fannie Richardson Scholarship
Farmers Grain Scholarship
Farrar Journalism Scholarship
Farrell Berryhill Scholarship
Faye Bennett Scholarship
Fayssoux Campbell Scholarship
Federal Express Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Ferguson Family Scholarship
Flagship Achievement Scholarship
FlahertyRay Scholarship
F.L. Fair Scholarship
Foreign Student Scholarship
Foreign Student Non-Resident Scholarship Scholarship
Foundation Board of Directors Ole Miss First Award
Frame Scholarship
Frank Bainbridge Scholarship
Frank Gamblin Scholarship
Frank Hughes Scholarship
Frank M. Bainbridge Scholarship
Freshman Leadership Scholarship
Friou Scholarship
G. Bart Delashmet Scholarship
Gertrude H. Turner Scholarship
Gholson, Hicks & Nich Scholarship
Gladys & Milton Starnes Ole Miss First Scholars Award
Glenn OMWC Scholarship
Gloria C. Cox Memorial Scholarship
Gloria D. Kellum Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Glynne & Anne Simpson Education Scholarship
Golden Triangle District 6 Alumni Club
Gordon OMWC Scholarship
Gordon Wakefield Memorial Scholarship
Graeber Scholarship terms and conditions
Graham Hicks Scholarship
Gresham-Duncan Scholarship
Grove Society Academic Scholarship
Grove Society Athletic Scholarship
Guess/Banks/Ready Scholarship
Guthrie Abbott Scholarship
Guy W. Mitchell Scholarship
Guyton Gafford Scholarship
H.& E. Trammel Scholarship
Dr. Harry P. Owens Scholarship
Hale Ole Miss First Scholars Award
Hap Doug Hederman Ole Miss First Scholarship
Harrelson OMWC Scholarship
Hearin Foundation Scholarship
Hearin-Hess Scholarship
Henderson Ole Miss First Scholars Award
Herrin Scholarship
Hester Scholarship
Hill Scholarship
Hoar Journalism Scholarship
Houston Ole Miss Alumni Club
Hugh Hopkins Scholarship
Imogene May & Leo A. Cutcliff Memorial Scholarship
Imogene & William Cutcliff Memorial Scholarship https://
Iola McClurkin Scholarship
Jack Mason, 4 Co. EPA Scholarship
James A. Autry Service Journalism Magazine Scholarship
James C. Tabb Scholarship
James M. Thomas Scholarship
Jamie McCown Melvin Scholarship
Jayson Vinson Scholarship
J.D. Bomboy Scholarship
J.D. Williams Scholarship
J.E. Johnson Scholarship
Jerry Rudman Memorial Scholarship
Jesse M. Elkin Memorial Scholarship
Jimmy Carr State Farm Scholarship
Jimmy Hill Tippah County Club Scholarship
John B. Stevens Scholarship
Karen Crocker Lee Scholarship
Kiley Wilt Scholarship
Jimmy Davis Scholarship
J. Lucian Smith Scholarship
J M Cochran Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
J. Means Non-Resident Scholarship
Joan G. Smith Scholarship
Joanne and Eagle Day Ole MIss Scholarship
Joe Weinberg Scholarship
John Latham Scholarship
John A. Noble Music Scholarship
John A. Noble Scholarship
Joseph E. Berman Scholarship
Joseph Hayes Scholarship
Joesph and Tracie Langston Scholarship
Joey Embry Scholarship
John Davenport Scholarship
John and Dean Gordan Scholarship
John and Nelle Larue Scholarship
John H. Cossar Jr. Scholarship
John S. Clark Scholarship
Johnston OMF Scholarship
Jones Foundation Scholarship
Jose De La Vega Scholarship
Joseph E. Berman Scholarship
J.R. Scribner Jr. Scholarship
Judge Biggers Law Scholarship
Kathryn W. Barnett Scholarship
Kerry W. Hamilton Scholarship
Khayat OMWC‎ Scholarship
Krista Vernon Scholarship
Labauve Scholarship
Lafayette Oxford OM Club Scholarship
Lane T. Chandler Scholarship
Lansing L.Mitchell, Jr. Scholarship
Lauderdale Scholarship
Lee County Ole Miss Scholarship
Lee Family Dentistry Scholarship
Leila & Sam Lane Miscellaneous Scholarship
Leila Sam Lane Ole Miss First Scholarship
Lena Mitchell Marquette Scholarship
Lena Mitchell Marquette Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Lenox Forman Law Scholarship
Lillian Graham Carson Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Lilian Gibbes Scholarship
Lindsay McCauley Kirkley Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Lisa Jacob Hayles Scholarship
Lisa McCamic Scholarship
LIT Coolers Scholarship
L.O. & Vera Crosby Scholarship
Longstreet Scholarship
Lonnie Smith Scholarship
Loughridge & Wiegman Scholarship
Louise M. Avent Accountancy Scholarship
LuckyDay Success Scholarship
Lyceum Scholarship
Lyda B. Johnston Family Scholarship
Lynn Meadows Scholarship
Magnolia Scholarship
McPherson Council Scholarship
Madison Foundation Ole Miss First Scholarship Award
Madison OMWC Scholarship
Malcom R. Guess Scholarship
Margaret Khayat Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Mary Patricia Langford Scholarship
Maud D. Franklin Scholarship
Max Miller Scholarship
McCarty Scholarship
McGinnis Scholarship
School of Journalism General Scholarships
School of Journalism Scholarship
Memphis Ole Miss Rebel Club Scholarship
Meridian Ole Miss Club Scholarship
Mike Carmichael Scholarship
Mildred H. Center Scholarship
Military Service Non-Resident Scholarship
Miller Memorial Scholarship
Millington Scholarship
Miss America Scholarship
Miss Ruby Scholarship
Mitch Salloum, Sr. Scholarship
Moak Leadership Scholarship
Monfort & Allie B Jones Scholarship
Morris George Scholarship
MPACT Non-Resident Scholarship
MS All Star Scholarship
MS Star Student Scholarship
MS Community College Advantage Scholarship
Nabors Ole Miss First Scholars Award
Nancy Stumberg Women’s Council Scholarship
Napier Scholarship
National Guard Tuition Scholarship
Neal Atkins/Alcorn County Ole Miss Club Scholarship
Neshoba County Scholarship
New Century Scholar Scholarship
Newton County Ole Miss Club Scholarship
New England Scholarship
Newman Scholarship
Newsome Scholarship
Non-Resident Alumni Scholarship
Non-Resident Alumni Scholarship (Law-Grad)
Ole Miss Circle Award
Ole Miss First Scholarship
Ole Miss First General Scholars Award
Ole Miss Leaders Scholarship
Ole Miss Opportunity Scholarship
Ole Miss Provost Scholarship
Ole Miss Success Scholarship
Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Osher Reentry FT Scholarship
Otis & Lily Cooper Education Fund Scholarship
Parker Memorial Scholarship
Pass-it-Along Scholarship
Patricia H. Sneed UMF Scholarship
Paula Salter Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Pauline Irby Memorial Scholarship
Peddle OMWC Scholarship
Pepper Pounds Scholarship
Pete Demange Memorial Scholarship
Phi Theta Kappa Academic Excellence Scholarship
Pichitino Scholarship
Pickering Honors Scholarship
Polly F. Williams Scholarship
Prescott Sherman Scholarship
Puckett Family Scholarship
Quin/Warren County Scholarship
Rachel McPherson Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Red & Blue Scholarship
Reginald Ott Fellowship Scholarship
Raggett Denley Scholarship
Renasant Bank Corporate Ole Miss First Scholarship
Republican Leaders Scholarship
Residential Scholars Scholarship
R.H. McCormick Scholarship
Robert C. Barnett Scholarship
Robert C Khayat Scholarship
Robert M. Carrier Scholarship
Robert Fonville Scholarship
Robert Scott Scholarship
Robert Stovall Scholarship
Robertson Scholarship
Rowell Scholarship
Sally K. Winters Scholarship
Scruggs Scholarship
Scruggs Nutt Scholarship
Selma Korkmas Scholarship
Shaw Scholarship
Sherrill Scholarship
Sherrill Family Scholarship
Shirley Crawford Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
Siebels Family Scholarship
Smith Peeples Scholarship
Sneed Ole Miss Women’s Council Scholarship
South Mississippi Ole Miss Club Scholarship
Special Recognition Scholarship
Spiritus Scholarship
Stacie Lamb Scholarship
Stamps Foundation Scholarship
STEM Major Non-Resident Scholarship
Steve Fortenberry Ole Miss First Scholars Award
Student Body President Scholarship
S. Gale Denley Student Media Center Scholarship
The 5 Twelve Ole Miss First Scholarship
Theresa Garner Scholarship
Thomas Rhoden Scholarship
Tippah County Scholarship
Tom Burnham Scholarship
Tommy Ramey Scholarship
Tommy Tosh Scholarship
Tri-State Rebel Club Scholarship
Trott Scholarship
T. Michael & Donna H. Glenn Ole Miss First Scholars Award
UM Academic Excellence Scholarship
UM Circle Scholarship
UM Hume Scholarship
UM Jones Scholarship
UM/CC Competitive Edge Scholarship
UM Oppty Scholarship
Union County Ole Miss Club Scholarship
University Achievement Scholarship
University Foundation Scholarship
Valedictorian Salutatorian Scholarship
Velma Smith Scholarship
Vera P. Whitten Memorial Scholarship
Vera P. Whitten Memorial Scholarship
Verna Crosby Scholarship
W. Macon Tankard Scholarship
Waddell Scholarship
Walter Watts Scholarship
Wicker Scholarship
William and Imogene Cutcliff Memorial Scholarship
William and Mary Beth Griffin Scholarship
William and Mary Fulton Scholarship
William B. Turner Scholarship
William Braud Memorial Scholarship
William M. Champion Scholarship
William O. Fitch Scholarship
1848 Scholarship https://
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